Music, Faith, Community and Creation
Faith Church - Cedar Lake, IN


Where is Escape To The Lake (ETTL) located?

The 2018 event will be happening at Faith Church in Cedar Lake, IN (a beautiful 2-yr-old facility). The physical address is 6729 W 133rd Ave, Cedar Lake, IN 46303. Free parking is available for those driving in.  For those who are flying, this is conveniently located 43 miles from Chicago Midway Airport (MDW) and 23 miles from Gary-Chicago International Airport (GYY).

Will my children have fun?

You betcha! It's a very family-friendly atmosphere, and attendees, staff, and artists will be bringing kids. Last year, we had over 30 children in attendance! There is a lot to do for all ages - including art class, inflatables, group games, kids concert, outdoor sports, hiking... and FREE Pre-K child care offered for part of the day on 7/20. 

Why the move to a new venue in 2018?

We had a wonderful experience being at two different (fantastic) camp grounds during our first 5 years of ETTL. However, there's a LOT of financial risk to reserve the space, and we had to sign a guaranteed contract.  In 2017, that risk ended up causing the event to be significantly in the red. We have worked with Faith Church for past UTR concerts, and reached out to them to explore a new partnership for ETTL. We are thrilled that their Cedar Lake campus can host our event this year. Sure there are a few things that are "lost" when moving the event to a church rather than a camp. Yet, we are 100% committed to keeping the most essential things strong -- the community building, the music experience, and the spiritual refreshment!

Why is lodging no longer a part of the registration?

When the event was happening on camp grounds, on-site lodging was naturally built into the experience. However, it was by far the most expensive piece of the registration. Moving the event to a church venue actually brings us in line with other conferences where people are used to finding their own lodging. AND, we have lowered the cost of the registration by almost $140 per person to pass on the savings to YOU to make booking your own lodging affordable. This also gives folks the option to find their preferred style of accommodations (hotel, guest room, tent, RV, etc). 

What other changes are new in 2018?

Besides new venue & lower rates, we have also intentionally shrunk the event by a day. Our hope is that smaller time commitment will make the event more accessible. We also hope that those who want more of a "supersized" experience will consider adding on the ETTL Bootcamp and coming an additional 24 hours.

What about meals, snacks, and food allergies?

The biggest 'daunting' task before us is that we now own the responsibility to feed everyone (the main reason why we are capping the event at 100 registrants). Unlike a camp ground, we don't have a built-in food department.  We will have meal options for the most common food sensitivities (i.e. gluten-free, vegetarian, dairy free).  And we will work with those with more specific needs to supply good alternatives. There will be a place on the registration form to note any food sensitivities.

We will have some grab-and-go snacks (granola bars, chips, etc) available for free throughout the day. We will also have a concession table open during the evening concerts.

By popular demand, we will have a gourmet coffee cart available during the morning hours.

What should a registrant bring with them to ETTL?

We recommend you bring bug spray, casual-comfortable clothes and shoes, a sweater (if you get chilly when in A/C), and the kids should bring swim suits.  You are allowed to bring your own snacks and drinks on site, but alcohol is prohibited.  We encourage you to bring some spending money so you can be extra supportive of the artists by buying their merchandise.

What is the refund policy on ETTL registrations?

We want you to be able to register with little worry about risk.  So here are the refund rates:

  • Cancel by May 12 = FULL refund (minus 5% CC processing fee)
  • Cancel by June 9 = 50% refund 
  • Cancel by July 1 = 30% refund 
  • July 2nd and beyond, the registration is non-refundable