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Artists & Speakers

Andy Gullahorn

“Andy’s songs are full of humor, clear vision, and compassion,” stated world-class songwriter David Wilcox.  As a member of the Square Peg Alliance, Andy's songwriting has the ability to make you laugh out loud and shed some tears.  His latest effort "Fault Lines" was named the #1 Gourmet Album of 2016 by the UTR Critics Panel. Musician David LaMotte calls Gullahorn “my favorite new musical discovery of the past five years. He’s a brilliant writer, a fine musician and a generous spirit.”

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Branches is a critically-acclaimed 6-piece band hailing from California, and have been compared to The Oh Hellos and Arcade Fire.  Their first full-length album "White Flag" released in September 2016, and the UTR Critics named it one of the Top 11 Gourmet Albums of the Year.

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Rich Mullins Tribute

On August 4th, the second half of our evening concert set will be a special tribute concert of the late Rich Mullins (it's the 20th anniversary of his homegoing).  This will be a time of reflection, inspiration, and corporate worship, with songs of Rich performed by Andy Gullahorn, Sarah Hart, Jess Ray, The Mosleys, Jill Phillips, Andrew Greer, and more TBA.

Sarah Hart

Sarah Hart is a prolific, award-winning songwriter who has had her songs recorded by Amy Grant, Michael Card, Bebo Norman, Audrey Assad, Jason Gray, Matt Maher, and dozens others. In 2013, she was invited to perform for Pope Francis and a crowd of 150,000 people.  Her latest solo album is "Til The Song Is Sung."

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Jill Phillips

Jill has been garnering admiration for well over a decade including CCM Magazine’s reader’s choice for Independent Artist of the Year in 2002. "Phillips' folk rock is laid back and gently paced, with elaborate string, guitar, and piano arrangements" praised Christianity Today.  Her latest release is a collection of hymns and spirituals called "Lead Me Home."

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Giants & Pilgrims

They're heading back to ETTL for the fourth straight year. Tim Coons leads this collective of friends, whose first release, 2014's Almanac, No. 1., was Dave Trout's favorite album of that entire year! They released Becoming in 2015, and are even planning on a new release in 2016!

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Jess Ray

She brought down the house with a show-stopping set at last year's ETTL, and we are excited to have Jess back in 2017! Her 2015 release Sentimental Creatures was one of the best albums of the year.  Her latest effort is an unplugged album recorded entirely in 3 days called "Pull The Stars From the Sky."

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Nick Flora

Nick brings a unique voice and heartfelt, yet often "tongue-in-cheek" perspective to his work.  Besides being an accomplished solo artist, he also co-hosts the podcast "All Time Favorite." We look forward to another year of Nick at ETTL!

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The Mosleys

We met Stephen and Rachel Mosely and their five children at 2015's ETTL, and they were a part of 2016's "Artists On The Rise" showcase.  In December 2016, UTR named their music video "Come To Me" one of the best of the year.  Later this year they will be recording their first full-length album.

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Andrew Greer

Andrew Greer is a Dove Award-nominated singer/songwriter, author, TV host, music journalist, and co-creator of the innovative “Hymns for Hunger" Tour, helping raise awareness and resources for hunger relief organizations.  He has been an interview guest on six different UTR episodes!

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Son of Laughter

Chris Slaten goes by the moniker Son of Laughter, and is a kind soul, a husband & father, and a skilled musician.  His day job is a literature teacher at the local high school in his home town of Chattanooga, TN.  In Spring 2017, he's releasing his first full length album (produced by Ben Shive) called No Story Is Over.

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Joy Ike

She is a well-travelled indie artist, having played over 800 shows in the last 8 years. Her music stretches across genres with touches of soul, folk, and indie pop. Joy has been featured on NPR and in Relevant Magazine.

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This acoustic rock band was founded by two sets of brothers and has been turning a lot of heads in the Northeast.  We first played their music in September 2015 on UTR episode #326, and their song "Make Something Right" was featured on UTR's "Best Songs of 2015" compilation.

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Mr. & Mrs. Something

Hailing from Seattle, Bino & Chelsea Peck (aka Mr. & Mrs. Something) will be bringing their flavor of folk melodies and tasteful harmonies to our Artist On The Rise Showcase.  Their debut album "Setting Sail" was produced by Mitch Dane, and released in late 2015.

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Alison Brook

This brand new resident to Portland, OR was one of our volunteer photographers for ETTL 2016, but wait until you discover her artistry as a musician! She will be a part of the "Artist On The Rise" Showcase. Her latest album is called "The Heart Of The Matter."

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The Asking

Greg & Kate House are a sweet couple from Lansing, MI who have come to the last two ETTLs as attendees. When they take the stage, they are known as The Asking, and they'll be sharing some brand new songs in our Artist On The Rise Showcase (thanks to a successfully-funded Kickstarter which will usher in a new full-length album)!

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Taylor Leonhardt

This is one of the new, young songwriters from the growing music scene in Raleigh, North Carolina. Taylor was recently described by as having a "profound understanding of music with impeccable storytelling." 

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Betony Coons

This Colorado based art teacher is joining us for the third year to lead a creative arts session for folks of any age and skill level. Betony is also part of the art/music collective known as Giants & Pilgrims.

Dave Trout

Dave loves pizza.  It's fairly disturbing how much he loves pizza.  Of course he loves a premium slice of deep dish Gino's East, but he even enjoys that single serve Totino's pizza.  His wife (Laura) and 5 kids love pizza too, but not quite as much as Dave.  When he's not eating pizza, he's likely busy producing and recording episodes of Under The Radar, or doing his best to support and cheer on folks who are working hard making good art.

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